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Auditing has never been easier

Bring value to your team by utilizing our Quality and Risk Management System to celebrate successes and mitigate challenges. Automate, assign, and schedule online audits while monitoring trends and analytics to increase and improve overall performance and output. Developing quality improvement plans has never been easier as you can access the information and resources you require.
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Everything Your Team Needs, All in One Place

Effectively Automate

Automate specially designed audits and tools to gain the information you need when you need it. Rely on our system to optimize your time and stay on track!

Build and Monitor

Your industry is unique, and so are your markers for maintaining industry standards. Customize quality and risk audits and accurately measure strengths and weaknesses in critical areas.


Whether one-time or recurring, our automatic scheduling system allows you to schedule, release, and analyze audits. Implement easy-to-use practices and save time and energy!

Push Notifications

Alert team members accountable for implementing audits and measuring overall success through push notifications available on all smart devices.

View and Optimize

Analyze results, review trends, and establish informed team goals. Take advantage of summaries or detailed reports and create a plan that your team can effectively implement.


See What Our Clients Are Saying!

Maureen Pauls

Director of Nursing,
Mill Creek Care Centre
"I have used Surge Learning since the very beginning. I watched it develop and grow into a very exciting and useful company that provides a service that fulfills the educational needs in the home. I get excited when I show staff the program and how to use it."

Janusz Katela

Cedarvale Terrace LTC Home
"Surge Learning provided our staff with a much needed flexibility and self-control of continuing education. Registered Nursing and front line staff feel empowered to have access to variety of topics and in-services available 24 hours 7 days a week.”

Lynda Germain

Director of Training & Development,
Rykka Care Centers
"As a new customer of Surge Learning Inc., I have found the product excellent in developing e-learning which suits the requirements of our Long Term Care and Retirement Homes with limited resources to devote to training.”

Experience the Benefits, Yourself!

Shift your focus from collecting data to analyzing results!

Choose from our collection of audits, customize them for your industry, or create your own.

Complete or revise audits wherever you go, through systems compatible with your mobile phone.

Highlight and summarize trends or remind team members of overdue activities.

Engage and empower a variety of participants in implementing quality initiatives.

Measure your organization’s success and enjoy real-time analytics.

Ensure strategies for increasing quality and training matches policy reviews and industry requirements.

Support Designed
for Success

Accurately monitoring quality and risks is integral to your overall success. Ensure you are appropriately utilizing our Quality and Risk Manager by gaining support and training from our dedicated Account Managers. Access support when you need it and continue to assist your team in completing their best work. With training available onsite or online, your questions will always receive the right answers.

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